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Bim One Production 1st Album Crucial Works CD

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Artist: Bim One Production
TItle: Crucial Works
Cat Number: BIMPCD001
Release Date: 20/07/16

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Track List:
1. Bim One Productions feat. Shanti D - Dubshot
2. Bim One Productions feat. Pablo Gad - Hard Times VIP
3. Natty King - System (Bim One Mix)
4. Pupa Jim - UFO (Bim One RMX)
5. Bim One Productions feat.Junior Dread - No Cocaine
6. Bim One Productions feat.Macka B - Don't Stop The Sound
6. Pupa Jim - UFO (Bim One RMX)
7. Mungo's Hi-Fi feat. Mr.Williamz - Thousand Style (Bim One RMX)
8. Danny-T feat.Parly B - Dreader Than Dread (Bim One RMX)
9. Original One feat.Parly B - Mi Bredren (Bim One Mix)
10. Bim One Productions feat. Sr.Wilson - Easy Skanking
11. Mr.Williamz - Pull Over (Bim One RMX) - Pure Niceness
12. Bim One vs Dry & Heavy - Jam Rock (Respect Remix)
13. Bim One Productions feat. Sr.Willson - New Life
14. Mungo's Hi-Fi feat. Cornel Campbell - Jah Say Love (Bim One RMX)


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